What Should I Do If My Child Is Arrested for Theft?

Posted on : November 18, 2021
Underage Arrest In Fortbend
If your teenager has been caught stealing, you’re likely worried about how this situation might influence their future. Teens who are involved in minor offenses are statistically more likely to engage in major crimes and end up in prison later on in life. As a result, parents should consider this as an opportunity to address […]

What Are the Differences Between Misdemeanors & Felonies In Texas?

Posted on : October 30, 2021
Texas Misdemeanors & Felonies, What You Need To Know In Texas, like most other U.S. states, a felony charge is generally viewed as more severe than a misdemeanor offense, and the penalties for conviction are generally harsher and last longer for successfully prosecuted felonies. The main difference between the two is the length of incarceration […]

Felony DWI’s In Texas

Posted on : September 13, 2021
Sugarland DWI Lawyer
When Might My DWI Become a Felony? Most drunk driving charges in Texas are misdemeanors, especially if it’s a first-time DWI. However, there are some circumstances in which drinking and driving can result in felony criminal charges. Here’s what you should know and how to get help from an experienced, zealous criminal defense lawyer who […]

What Is the Self-Defense Defense In an Assault Case?

Posted on : August 20, 2021
Underage Arrest In Fortbend
The human body has an instinctual fight or flight response that can occur when a person is in a dangerous or highly stressful situation. In cases where a person feels they are in a life-or-death matter, the desire to survive no matter what is a primitive impulse that can result in behavior abnormal for that […]

How Can a DUI Be Avoided?

Posted on : July 21, 2021
Fortbend DWI Arrest
One effective way to avoid DUI penalties is to avoid the charge altogether. Here’s what you need to know to stay safer when drinking and attempting to use your own vehicle for transportation. Here’s also what you should understand about getting legal help if you are charged with drinking and driving.  Assess Your Own Blood […]