Sexual Assault

Client alleged to have impersonated a police officer, taken a woman from a gas station, and forced sexual intercourse on her. Defense investigator went to the gas station and secured a surveillance video to show the alleged victim was lying.

State v. F. U.
Felony DWI – 4th DWI Arrest
Blood Test - .244

Twenty-eight year old client with three prior DWI convictions was stopped for failing to dim high beams.  Client had a strong odor of alcohol, bloodshot eyes and slurred speech.  Client refused to answer basic questions but eventually acknowledged 6 or 7 drinks.  After failing sobriety tests a sample of blood was taken without a warrant.  Test results showed a blood alcohol concentration more than three times the legal limit, 0.244.  Attorney Segura asked the judge to suppress blood results arguing that the sample had been taken without client’s consent due to the officers’ failure to specifically requested a sample and allow client an opportunity to respond.   Prosecutors claimed that client consented because he did not offer any objection when his blood was taken.  Segura presented case law which convinced the Court otherwise.  The judge suppressed the blood evidence and the State dismissed all charges.


State v. T. J. Y.
Sexual Assault of Child

Client was alleged to have inappropriately touched a child. Attorney Kiatta convinced prosecutor to reject charges after Client passed defense polygraph, and Kiatta produced witnesses to prove the incident did not occur

State v. T. H.

Client charged with murder after fatal shooting.  Attorney Kiatta was successful in arguing self-defense.   We were able to convince the prosecutor that he acted in self-defense.

State v. C.G.
Not Guilty
Blood Test – .152

Officer observed Client weaving out of his lane to left, right and into oncoming traffic.  Client smelled of alcohol, dilated pupils, red blood shot eyes and unsteady balance.  Client was unable to pass sobriety tests and was placed under arrest.  Police obtained a search warrant for Client’s blood.  Blood test result of .152 was almost twice legal limit.  At trial, Attorney Segura explained to the jury that although Client’s did not perform perfectly on sobriety tests, his performance was normal.  The defense retained a blood analysis expert to review blood testing records.  The defense expert was able to explain several issues raised by blood test records that caused him to question blood test accuracy and reliability.  The prosecution’s blood expert was unable to disagree with any of defense expert’s testimony.  Jury returned verdict of Not Guilty.No

State v. G.H.
Aggravated Sexual Assault

Juvenile Client alleged to have forced sexual intercourse with a minor stepsister. Through the use of psychologists, an expert risk assessment, and witness statements, Attorney Kiatta was able to show that the alleged victim fabricated the allegation.

In the Matter of P. L.
Not Guilty
Breath Test – .193

City manager contacted police to report a reckless driver who could not properly drive in a lane and had almost hit a guardrail.  Police responded and observed client hit the curb and drive aimlessly in a parking lot.  Video showed Client perform very poorly on sobriety tests, even falling to the ground. Client told officers this was the first time she drank alcohol in her life.  On cross-examination, police officers had differing accounts of what actually happened and contradicted each other as well as the video and their own reports.   Client wanted to take the stand and testified under oath that the officers were not truthful about her driving.  Attorney Segura argued the state failed to offer evidence justifying a reasonable suspicion to make initial detention.  Judge did not believe officers’ testimony and granted Segura’s motion to suppress all evidence due to an unconstitutional detention.  The judge then entered a verdict of Not Guilty.

State v. V.G. P.
Felony DWI
Blood Test – .185

This was Client’s 4th DWI arrest. Despite the fact that client was obviously obese, the police officer administered balance tests. Client consented to blood draw which revealed an alcohol concentration of .185. At trial, officer first claimed that he did not notice Client had a weight problem. After reviewing the video and records of Client’s weight, officer acknowledged that in light of his weight, Client performed fairly well on balance tests and in fact showed no sign of intoxication. Officer ultimately agreed that after reviewing evidence, there was no legal basis for detention and arrest. The Judge granted Attorney Segura’s request to suppress all evidence and instructed the judge to return a verdict of Not Guilty.

State v. E. J. R.
Sexual Assault

Client accused of having sexual intercourse with a woman without her consent.  Attorney Kiatta was able to prove that the alleged victim consented to all acts.


State v. A. G.
Not Guilty
Mail Fraud
Federal Charges

Client charged with 32 counts of Conspiracy to Commit Mail Fraud in Federal District Court in Houston.  Client alleged to have deceived people into buying subscriptions to non-existent law enforcement magazines.  Following a jury trial with four codefendants, Attorney Kiatta’s client was the only person acquitted on all counts.

United States vs. R.B.