Driving While Intoxicated

Client stopped for defective headlight and running a stop sign. After failing sobriety tests, Client was arrested and provided breath specimen of .134.  At trial, officer claimed that every mistake Client made was a sign of intoxication.  With respect to client’s driving, officer said Client was speeding, ran a stop sign, failed to signal and made a wide turn.  On cross-examination, Attorney Segura demonstrated that the officer had committed the same driving violations which were all captured on his gps-enabled camera system.  The officer was forced to admit that his driving “was a lot worse than” client’s driving and that on that evening Client was a safer driver.  The officer went on to agree that he had botched the entire investigation and that his detention and investigation were an illegal search and seizure.  Jury returned a verdict of Not Guilty.  At conclusion of trial, judge commented that he thought Attorney Segura could get officer to admit to Kennedy assassination.

By : admin | April 14, 2020 | DWI