Intoxication Assault
Blood Test – .168

Client and his neighbor had been drinking at a local bar.  Both were highly intoxicated.   Client’s vehicle was traveling at a very high speed when it struck another vehicle from behind and then proceeded to flip end over end.  The neighbor was ejected and suffered serious bodily injuries.  Client told EMS personnel that he was the driver.  After sobering-up, client began to question whether he was actually the driver. Attorney Segura retained a company specializing in DNA testing to retrieve blood, tissue and fluid samples from the vehicle to determine whether client had been sitting in the driver seat at time of the accident.  DNA testing showed client’s blood on passenger side.  Blood and fluid from an unknown male were deposited on driver side airbag.  After sharing these results with the prosecution, Client was cleared of all charges and case was dismissed.  


By : admin | June 15, 2020 | DUI