Sexual Assault

Client alleged to have impersonated a police officer, taken a woman from a gas station, and forced sexual intercourse on her. Defense investigator went to the gas station and secured a surveillance video to show the alleged victim was lying.

State v. F. U.
Sexual Assault of Child

Client was alleged to have inappropriately touched a child. Attorney Kiatta convinced prosecutor to reject charges after Client passed defense polygraph, and Kiatta produced witnesses to prove the incident did not occur

State v. T. H.
Aggravated Sexual Assault

Juvenile Client alleged to have forced sexual intercourse with a minor stepsister. Through the use of psychologists, an expert risk assessment, and witness statements, Attorney Kiatta was able to show that the alleged victim fabricated the allegation.

In the Matter of P. L.
Sexual Assault

Client accused of having sexual intercourse with a woman without her consent.  Attorney Kiatta was able to prove that the alleged victim consented to all acts.


State v. A. G.
Sexual Assault of Minor

19 year old client accused of having sexual intercourse with 15 year old whom he met on the internet.  Our office was able to establish that the minor had lied about her age and gone to elaborate lengths to convince our client that she was much older.  We were able to demonstrate that our client did not have malicious intent, was unaware of the minor’s true age and was in reality a victim of ongoing deception. The grand jury rejected the State’s request to prosecute.

State v. A. A.