Highly Recommend

Highly recommend Mr.Segura 100%, he was professional, knowledgeable, Honest, and always provided..

Americana Siciliana

We did not have much to work with, but Anthony made every single disadvantage we had amount to something in that courtroom. He was impressive with his directs and simply unbeleivable on his re-directs. By the time the first day of hearings was over, the prosecuting team offered a discontinuance. One day! …and we were done. The judged joked that Anthony was so good he could have made the arresting officer admit to ANYTHING.

Yemi, Avv
Save my life twice.

I cannot put into words how much Anthony Segura has done for me! Anthony has managed to save my life twice on two separate DWI Charges.

SPD, Avvo
Instrumental in helping.

David has been instrumental in helping me not only in my legal matters but with my personal life as well… He has given me an opportunity to get my case dismissed and start a new chapter in my life. My family and I are grateful to have been referred to David. I highly recommend this man to help you with any legal issue.

SMHunt, Avvo
Hire the best.

In my opinion, all attorneys are not created equal. If you want to hire the best – hire Anthony Segura. I’m glad I did!

Steve, Avvo
Man of God.

I have never had someone go out of their way and treat us the way that David Kiatta did. He treated us as if we were family and he genuinely cared about helping us… He was always there when we needed him whether in person, email, or a phone call. All of the charges, including the felony DWI were dropped! I honestly do not think anyone else could have gotten this outcome. David Kiatta is an honest, man of God who genuinely cares about the people he represents.

Client Review on Avvo
Saved my future.

Mr. Segura saved my future in many ways…I was facing a felony charge that would have changed my life forever….He is a wonderful attorney that is honest and will tell you from day one that he can’t make you any promises….but he will fight for you until the end.

Client Review on Avvo
Defending my husband.

I can’t thank Mr. Segura enough for defending my husband and having his charges reduced from a 2nd DWI to a traffic ticket

Lethy Ramirz, Google
Through and helpful.

David took all my criminal cases and helped me beat them. He is through and helpful. Caring yet stern. Always there when needed.

Tanveer, Avvo
My first two DWIs.

I have had a really crappy history of bad luck and have been arrested three times for DWI. I chose Anthony for my first case 8 years ago and would never trust my future other than with Anthony. Anthony got my first two DWIs dismissed… Anthony had set my last case for trial but I actually heard the prosecutor say to her colleague, ” I just can’t beat Anthony, I don’t even want to try. He will embarrass me.” The result a plea bargain that resulted in a conviction of a minor traffic offense

Sapan, Avvo
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