Honest, Professional, and Motivated

If someone asked me to describe Mr. Segura in 3 words, my best description would be: Honest, Professional, and Motivated. Let’s just say, he gets the job done EVERY TIME. I was referred to him by a good friend of mine. I was hesitant at first but after I saw all the amazing reviews I decided to give him a call. I’m extremely blessed to have taken this route because he helped me get the least amount of charges. The part that I appreciated the most was at that time, I was going through some tough stuff and he treated me like family by mentoring me on how to get my life together. Here I am! 6 years later with a clean record and a new life. I highly recommend Mr. Segura.

-Camille Beil

Highly Recommend

I am very impressed with how Anthony Sequria has handled my case. He takes care of Everything. He has answered his phone Every time I’ve called him. I Highly recommend Anthony.

Sherrie Kubicek
100% Recommend

100% would recommend Mr. Segura to anyone. Very professional and responsive.

James Alexander
Forever Grateful For His Excellent Service

Attorney Anthony Segura has been a light of hope for me at a time when my options appeared limited and hopeless where the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed highly impossible! Not only has he been able to defend me, and walk me through my case, but his calm and empathetic demeanor and attitude offered emotional support to myself when I felt apprehensive and uneasy about my case. He has proven to not only be an excellent attorney but he is a well known and respected attorney! Mr. Segura’s actions speak for itself, he will tell you the truth and he will fight for his clients! I am forever grateful for his excellent service and I hereby recommend Mr. Segura without hesitation or reservation to anyone!

J Perez
He Helped Me Get My Life Back

Anthony Segura was absolutely the attorney that I needed to help me with some legal matters. I received a DWI as well as a UCW and in my line of work that was a death sentence. As I refused a breathalyzer my license was automatically suspended. For those of you who don’t know already or are in a first time situation similar to this, it is a long process especially on the state side. Thanks to Anthony’s help I was able to get a driving permit for work almost immediately. He quickly went to work on getting everything for the case rolling in the meantime while we were awaiting court dates. He was not only able to get me into a DWI divergent program that would ultimately upon completion end with a dismissal, he also was able to get a contract with the DA to have the UCW charge placed on hold and dropped as well upon completion of the DWI program. This was huge for me as it likely would be for yourself. This was a 1 year contract which included, 6mo breathalyzer in vehicle, 1 year probation, several DWI courses, 24hrs community service, and a UCW course. The courses and CS I had completed in the first few weeks. From there all that was left was to use the breathalyzer when driving the vehicle and obviously abiding by the probation terms. It is a long process but Anthony was the saving grace ultimately with his connections/relationships in Ft.Bend county. He was even able to get things smoothed over with the DA’s office for me to do some international work for my company. Ultimately if you are looking for very competent representation, look no further. This man is super capable of helping you with your legal needs and is worth the investment. I had all of the charges dismissed and the records expunged. He helped me get my life back. If you’re reading this Anthony, thank you sir!

Saved My Future

After consulting with multiple lawyers about my case I found myself back at Anthony’s desk. Anthony is rooted in both the city of Richmond and the Fort Bend county. Having someone like Anthony who is involved in the local community, who knows a majority of all personnel involved in the courtroom, really saved myself the heartache of having to worrying about a conviction for the rest of my life. He was always available by either text or phone with quick returns even when busy. He was honest with both the good and bad possibilities to help you choose the path that best fits your needs. Even though getting to the final resolution of the case was a long road, with the prosecution dragging their feet, Anthony was there every day fighting for you. In the end, my case was Dismissed and Expunged from my record. Hiring Anthony for my case saved my future.

Highly Recommend To Anybody

Mr. Segura is the best lawyer that I have ever seen. He is super attentive and goes above and beyond for his client. He is so caring and understanding of your circumstances and does everything he can to help you not only in the court room but assisting his client with financial difficulties as well. He made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process of obtaining a lawyer and through out dealing with my case. I would highly recommend to anybody to ask for him!

Tricia McDowell
Highly Recommend

Highly recommend Mr.Segura 100%, he was professional, knowledgeable, Honest, and always provided..

Americana Siciliana

We did not have much to work with, but Anthony made every single disadvantage we had amount to something in that courtroom. He was impressive with his directs and simply unbeleivable on his re-directs. By the time the first day of hearings was over, the prosecuting team offered a discontinuance. One day! …and we were done. The judged joked that Anthony was so good he could have made the arresting officer admit to ANYTHING.

Yemi, Avv
Save my life twice.

I cannot put into words how much Anthony Segura has done for me! Anthony has managed to save my life twice on two separate DWI Charges.

SPD, Avvo