He Helped Me Get My Life Back

Anthony Segura was absolutely the attorney that I needed to help me with some legal matters. I received a DWI as well as a UCW and in my line of work that was a death sentence. As I refused a breathalyzer my license was automatically suspended. For those of you who don’t know already or are in a first time situation similar to this, it is a long process especially on the state side. Thanks to Anthony’s help I was able to get a driving permit for work almost immediately. He quickly went to work on getting everything for the case rolling in the meantime while we were awaiting court dates. He was not only able to get me into a DWI divergent program that would ultimately upon completion end with a dismissal, he also was able to get a contract with the DA to have the UCW charge placed on hold and dropped as well upon completion of the DWI program. This was huge for me as it likely would be for yourself. This was a 1 year contract which included, 6mo breathalyzer in vehicle, 1 year probation, several DWI courses, 24hrs community service, and a UCW course. The courses and CS I had completed in the first few weeks. From there all that was left was to use the breathalyzer when driving the vehicle and obviously abiding by the probation terms. It is a long process but Anthony was the saving grace ultimately with his connections/relationships in Ft.Bend county. He was even able to get things smoothed over with the DA’s office for me to do some international work for my company. Ultimately if you are looking for very competent representation, look no further. This man is super capable of helping you with your legal needs and is worth the investment. I had all of the charges dismissed and the records expunged. He helped me get my life back. If you’re reading this Anthony, thank you sir!

By : admin | November 30, 2020 | DWI