Worth every penny.

I highly recommend Mr. Kiatta. He is well versed in the law and will do an excellent job for you. He kept me updated and responded promptly to all of my questions. He is worth every penny that I paid him. I couldn’t have found a better lawyer. Roger.

Roger, Avvo
“The” Rock Star”

He will be with you through out your journey, even after 3 years and a mistrial. We Won and I didnt even get to see him perform like “The” Rock Star” everyone told me he is.

Judy Walton, Google

I David was an angel from the get go…. He calmed me down with his soothing, nonjudgmental demeanor. He felt like a friend… He defended me and I got through it. The charges were dropped.

Client Review on Avvo
Court appearance.

During one court appearance I ended up talking to the court bailiff while we were waiting to go into the court room. He asked me what my charge was and who my attorney was. When I told him, he said, “Well you got the best in the business. If I were in your shoes, that is who I would hire.” 

Client Review on Avvo
Recommend him 100%

Got my 2nd DWI charge dropped. He’s great I would recommend him 100%

Steven Rangel, Avvo
Strong will.

Me Kiatta is an amazing lawyer was able to get my case dismissed after plenty of long and dedicated hours. He even set up his own program to help keep me in line with what was being asked of him. If ever in need of a lawyer Mr Kiatta should be your first option an amazing guy with a strong will to help others thanks again Mr Kiatta

John, Avvo
Got the charges.

He represented me in my DWI case and got the charges thrown out the window. NO DWI or the headaches that come with it.

Andy, Avvo
Extremely helpful.

I was accused of a hit & run that didn’t happen. From the beginning, David was extremely helpful with helping me navigate the booking process & secure a bond. For the next 1.5 years he represented me as my case made it through the legal system and the charges were ultimately dismissed. Very thankful for David’s advice & recommendations throughout entire process!

Wendy, Avvo
The best in the business.

During the trial he handled himself very professionally. He knew DUI laws better than anyone in the courtroom. He respectfully questioned all witnesses yet still backed them into their own corners. Several times throughout the trial I noticed other attorneys sitting in just to watch him work. More than once I was told “you hired the best in the business”.

JBH, Google
Exceptional human.

David you are the exceptional human in my life and i am grateful to God for having you as my representative in this case… I strongly believe David’s representation will work like a miracle for everyone and I suggest him to who ever needs help defending their dignity

Client Review on Avvo
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