The best lawyer.

Man…. he fought for me at trial like no one can. Hats off to his confidence, knowledge and his speech that I got a chance to see his work in my trial. The details that he picked in trial by asking questions to witnesses and speaking to DA and Judge were mind blowing. Even in court someone told me “Don’t worry you have the best lawyer and you are in good hand” He went beyond his way to prove his abilities, tearing and throwing each evidences which were against me as trial was going on and result was NO GUILTY. My case is dismissed with all charges dropped completely.

vsp patt, Google
Great guy.

I talked with several attorneys around town and my own brother is even an attorney, but when i talked with David Kiatta, he just seemed to understand and listen to everything that i said and after our first consultation i already had some ease of mind. He was there for me through this entire process and went above and beyond what he was hired to do. After it is all said and done, i got to know him and wow, what a great guy! Thanks just don’t say enough when someone is there for us like this through one of the most stressful and insane times of our lives. 

Client Review on Avvo

I am so grateful for all of the hard work Mr Segura put in on my case. From start to finish I was treated with respect, he was very thorough and helpful throughout the entire process. I’m highly impressed by his availability. In the end, my case was dismissed.

Harrison Old school, Google
Very reasonable.

I hire Mr. Anthony Segura for my brother with his 4th DWI case. He reverted his felony charges to Misdemeanor A. With no jail time. He is also very reasonable. I highly recommend this lawyer to anyone. He wont let you down.

Naeem Sadruddin, Avvo
Uniqueness of compassion.

I highly recommend David for not only his legal expertise / level of professionalism but because he cares about his clients with a uniqueness of compassion which is rarely found.

Frank, Avvo
Truly cares about his clients.

When I wanted to give up, David was there to talk me through the process and my case. He gave me my options, encouraged me and explained the court system. I chose to go to trial and David got my DWI dismissed. I am so grateful for David Kiatta and I would recommend David to anyone and everyone. He truly cares about his clients and he is a great attorney.

Justin Mayfield, Avvo
Did an amazing job.

After 2 years, my husband finally went to court and Mr. Segura did an amazing job discussing with the jury and judge, My husband kept saying the way he would speak was incredible and at the end my husband was found not guilty. I would recommend him to everyone!

Client Review on Avvo
Very satisfied.

I’ve used another attorney before, and I found David refreshing in comparison. He gave me his cell phone number and stayed in constant contact with me regarding updates to my case. He worked hard for me and I have no doubt he got me the best outcome. Very satisfied and, should I ever need a defense attorney again, I would definitely use David Kiatta.

Client Review on Avvo

He saved me!!!! I had a DUI case and tampering with evidence case. I was worried and troubled after my case, but luckily he came to my rescue. Both cases were dismissed after months of court trials. 

Client Review on Avvo
Could to ensure a great outcome.

I was represented better than I could have imagined. My opinions were valued and my doubts were always reassured. My nerves were calmed and the process was always explained. Anthony Segura fought hard for me.  He went above and beyond and did everything he could to ensure a great outcome

Lincoln, Avvo
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