An amazing lawyer.

Mr. Kiatta is an amazing lawyer was able to get my case dismissed after plenty of long and dedicated hours. He even set up his own program to help keep me in line with what was being asked of him. If ever in need of a lawyer Mr Kiatta should be your first option an amazing guy with a strong will to help others thanks again Mr Kiatta.

Sir Airness, Google
DISMISSAL of charges.

After several months of back and forth with the prosecutor they wanted to plea bargain a settlement. Mr Segura said we didn’t start this battle to end up in a settlement so we didn’t. He fought hard for us and stood his ground, final result was DISMISSAL of charges.

Alice, Avvo


I said to him during my trial when I was in doubt that “we’ll need to use some of his magic.” He said to me “there’s no magic.” So I watched and listened to him perform and he was right. There was no magic. It was all SKILL. 

Alex, Google
Intoxicated assault case.

We were facing an intoxicated assault case…but in just under a year, he got my case dismissed no questions asked.

Kaleb Glenn, Google

My experience with Anthony was very long but very well worth it. There was a time I wanted to just give up and take the plea and get my case over with. Anthony convinced me that I have a great chance to fight the case by letting a jury hear my case. I was reluctant at first but I gave in and let Anthony do his magic. Turns out the jury’s verdict was NOT GUILTY. My advice is trust whatever he has to tell you and do not give up on him because he certainly will not give up until his client is satisfied.

Chirag, Avvo
Amazing attorney.

Great guy, Amazing attorney. I ended up getting a DUI charge and almost lost my business. David guided me through the process and educated me on what could happen and what to do and what not to do. He always prepared me for the next step of the process and always gave me my options on which path I wanted to take. I highly recommend David and would hire him again.

Tim Varesh, Avvo
Awesome attorney. Very professional.

Highly recommended for any misdemeanor or felony. Super thorough, talks to you like human being not just a client. Had a great experience with him personally. David Kiatta will be the first person I call if I get into any trouble again. Results. Dismissed

– By Hart Henderson, Google