What Happens In a Texas DWI Arrest?

Protect Your Rights During A DUI Arrest

A DWI arrest is something most people don’t expect when they get behind the wheel of their car, but if you’re charged with a crime, knowing what to do next can be a lifesaver. Here’s what to expect during a Texas DWI arrest and how to get help protecting your rights. 

You’re Patted Down

At the beginning of an arrest, the police officer will ask you to get out of your car and submit to a search of your person to check for weapons, drugs, and other contraband. Don’t agree to a search without first confirming that you’re under arrest; you do not have to get out of your vehicle otherwise. 

Your Car Is Searched 

Next, your vehicle will be searched by police officers once you’ve been detained. Or, if officers haven’t obtained enough evidence against you for an arrest, they may ask you to sit on the side of the road while they perform the search. 

You’re Booked

After arriving at the police station, you’ll be booked and will be required to submit your photograph, fingerprints, and other identifying information. 

Charges Are Filed

Then, you’ll be informed of what charges are being filed against you. For example, you may not know that police officers found contraband in your vehicle after you were detained and you may only learn about these charges later when they’re formally read. If you’ve not been notified of the charges against you within 72 hours of your arrest, your attorney may file what is called a writ of habeas corpus to determine if you’re being held lawfully. 

You’re Arraigned

The last step in a DWI arrest is the arraignment. This is where you are allowed to enter your plea of guilty, not guilty, or nolo contendere (no contest). By the time you are arraigned, you should have been able to post bail and are no longer in police custody. 

When to Call a Fort Bend DWI Attorney

Don’t wait after being arrested for driving while intoxicated to reach out to an experienced Texas DWI attorney. You need aggressive, experienced legal advocacy to ensure that your rights are protected throughout each stage of the criminal process. Fort Bend DWI lawyer Anthony Segura has the skills and expertise needed to provide you with zealous support from the start of your case to the final verdict. Call today for a consultation at (281) 240-3941. 


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